Welland Steam Rally – a great day out!

Steam rallies provide a fantastic day out for all the family and Welland Steam Rally is no exception! They provide far more than just the chance to look at huge steam engines, although of course there are plenty of those on offer.

Welland Steam Rally

Welland, near Malvern, Worcestershire holds a steam rally on the last weekend of July each year. Exhibitors come from all over the country to show their vehicles and large crowds come to see the huge variety of exhibits. There are engines of all sizes as well as non-steam vehicles such as classic cars, motorbikes and military vehicles.

Welland Steam Rally

One of the most interesting areas is the working field where there are steam engines, diesel vintage tractors and other machinery showing what they can do.

Welland Steam Rally

Welland steam rally 2017 had a a steam digger which attracted quite a crowd each of the 3 days of the show. It swung round so rapidly the operators had to hang on pretty tight.

Welland Steam Rally For those who like noise and thrills, tractor pulling is a must! Here they have tractors which have been heavily modified to pull incredible weights with eardrum shattering noise and clouds of smoke – exciting stuff especially in the muddy conditions of 2017. Where did summer go?!

There are numerous opportunities for musical entertainment, including live singing throughout the day. On Friday and Saturday night live music entertain those camping and there are fabulous fireworks on Saturday night.

The main arena holds displays and parades all day and in 2017 included a car crush by a tank from the display of military vehicles! It seemed a bit of a waste of a decent car but apparently it was donated by a scrap yard and was definitely destined for the crusher anyway.

Another attraction of Welland Steam Rally for Friday morning is an auction of vintage lots run by Sunderlands. Everything is here from vehicle parts to whole vehicles, as well as various vintage items of all types. I managed to miss it this year due to a long lie-in but I am determined to make it next year!

The range of food on offer is over-whelming with everything from the expected burgers and chips to  pork baps, fish and chips, pasties  and Chinese noodles. If you want to buy cheeses and ice-cream, there is also a farmers market tent. My favourites were the Cornish pasties, salted caramel ice-cream and freshly made doughnuts, although not all together! I think I put on several pounds in weight despite the exercise of walking around so much.

Camping facilities are basic but there is running water and an Elsan point, as well as skips for rubbish. The 2017 weather made the tracks slippy with mud but there were tractors on towing duty as necessary.

There are numerous trade stands selling a huge range of items from tools and implements to hand made jewellery and lots of camping equipment.

All in all Welland Steam Rally is a great day out and is already in my diary for next year.


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