Welcome to Forty and Fantastic!

Welcome to my new blog! When I first had the idea for this blog, I was 40 and life was fantastic. My health was pretty good.  I was running several times a week (well walk-jogging anyway, courtesy of NHS Couch 2 5K ) and I had embarked on a healthier diet with some weight loss success. But now, 4 years later, I have had a series of health issues and life hasn’t been quite so fantastic. I struggle with my weight more and more – no diet seems to have any effect.  My bookshelf  is groaning under the weight of diet books  (how ironic!) and although I start off hopeful, I soon lose enthusiasm when I don’t get any positive results in a week or two.  I have had various hormone tests with nothing coming back as out of the ordinary and yet I feel sure things aren’t quite right.

I am still often told I look good for my age (but is that really a compliment?!) but I don’t always feel it so this first post could be called, ‘Forty and Fantastic? – Why the question mark?’

In addition to my body having a mid-life crisis, I have also failed to conquer my seemingly never-ending money shortage problem (despite having a decent job) and am constantly looking for ways to earn a bit extra. I realise I must also curb my excessive spending but I can never resist a bargain!

The way forwards from now on?

Despite the increasing challenges that age seems to bring, I  love life and am keen to live it to the full. I intend to get fit, lose weight,  and celebrate all the good things in life. There are lots of things to talk about and I’m looking forward to being able to write about them here. I am looking forward to sharing my adventure with anyone who is interested so join me on my journey to re-becoming Forty and Fantastic FULL STOP.