What to wear … when you just don’t care (what people think!)

I absolutely love clothes and have done for a very long time but I can’t honestly say I pay too much attention to what is in fashion. I either like something or I don’t and I have items which I love and wear frequently but have owned for many years. The strange thing with this is that I am sometimes (purely by accident) very much in fashion and yet at other times I can appear ‘so last year’. On rare occasions, I am ahead of a trend so I can seem to be setting it – fashion so often goes in circles after all. So, what to wear when you just don’t care … (what people think!)

Now I am in my forties, there are times when I am forced to question whether I am too old to wear existing items in my wardrobe or items I have seen in the shops or on Ebay.  I have learnt what suits me and what looks good as I am aging and that is changing!

When I was younger, even in my thirties,  my legs were shapely and toned so short skirts and hot pants were definitely still in my wardrobe. As I have entered my 40s I have been reluctant to let short skirts and dresses go and have found the answer – LEGGINGS! On their on I wouldn’t even consider them but they work s well under other items. I wear tunic tops (which would be dresses on younger ladies) or short skirts over black leggings and feel fantastic!

An area where it is easier to express my personality (without worrying about the size of my bum or my dimply thighs) is footwear. I have a vast shoe and boot collection (embarrassingly large if I’m honest). I really enjoy being able to wear something crazy with a plain outfit. Some of my favourites are metallic gold Kicker ankle boots which a friend mistakenly thought were gold KNickers when I told her about getting them muddy in a field one evening. What does that say about me?! Another favourite pair of shoes are glittery gold block heels from Next which remind me of the Wizard of Oz -yes, I know Dorothy’s were ruby red :-).

Where to shop? I actually don’t have  particular shops where I always go. Instead of being a loyal customer, I decide what I am looking for and then look everywhere for it. I do sometimes shop in physical stores but my most frequent purchases are online and usually a bargain. I love trawling EBay for pre-loved items. In days gone by I used to frequent local charity shops but not so much now.  As my work life has got busier, I don’t often have the necessary time for charity shop bargain hunting.  At least half of my wardrobe has been purchased second-hand and I am not embarrassed by that in the slightest! I am able to buy good quality items for High Street prices.  Another large percentage has come form Next. This is partly because I know the cut of their clothes fits me and I can usually wear a 10 when I may be larger in other shops…great for the ego! The other reason I love Next is the permanent sale in the form of the clearance section on their website. I always look there first and have got some amazing bargains, particularly a few weeks after the store sale has finished and items have been returned to the warehouse. I got a Whistles leather jacket for better than half price weeks after it had been ‘sold out’ in the actual Next sale. On that note- Next sell other brands apart from their own!

This obviously isn’t rocket science but sometimes I think it is good to have it confirmed that it is okay to wear what you want – and you will probably receive lots of compliments … I certainly do! As well as my modesty protecting leggings and crazy shoes, I do have some wardrobes staples that I will share next time!