Wilde Like Me, Louise Pentland – book review

Wilde Like Me

I bought ‘Wilde Like Me’ a week after the launch, having not read any reviews. It was with some trepidation because the only other fiction Youtuber book I have tried to read was Zoella’s ‘Girl On Line’.  I had quickly realised I was waaaaay too old for it even though I am a casual viewer of her channels.

‘Wilde Like Me’ is different. The main character, Robin Wilde, is a single mother who finds life difficult and  frequently experiences ‘The Emptiness’. This feeling is one I know – when you feel hollow and lonely even in company.  There is a nagging feeling that something is missing even when things outwardly appear to be going well.

Louise writes in a chatty, very informal style which may not appeal to everyone but I enjoyed this and immediately felt as though I was sitting with Robin enjoying a glass of wine. She is an engaging character, very likeable and easy to relate to. I read it before bedtime at home but can imagine it would make a perfect travel companion for holidays.

There were times during the story when I worried the story might be heading into typical chick-lit territory but I need not have worried. Robin is an independent woman who  has found the answer to happiness in life really does lie inside yourself. It isn’t always easy to truly discover this, even if you are told by others and may even give it out as advice. It was so enjoyable to follow Robin’s voyage of discovery and cheer her along the way.

This book is amusing at times and also very touching. I think it would appeal to many readers, but particularly to women who have had similar life experiences … and there will be many.

After the final page of the story, Louise has included her thank yous and a note to the reader. This includes hints of further adventures for Robin Wilde and I for one, can’t wait!


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